Cash 4 Clothes Widnes

Are you looking to change your wardrobe. Are you looking to buy new clothes. Perhaps a new outfit. More importantly, are you A little short on cash to be able to justify the cost of something new. If the answer is yes to these questions, then help is at Hand. Cash 4 Clothes in Widnes will PAY YOU Cash for your old clothes. That’s right, we will take any old clothes such as dresses, outfits, coats, trousers, shoes. We will pay you cash for clothes that you no longer want to fund that new outfit.


How Does Cash For Clothes Help the Environment?

By preventing your old clothes from going to landfill sites, you really are doing your part to be green. We redistribute your items across the globe making sure that those who are in urgent need of your help find it. There are many less fortunate that cannot afford expensive items. Choosing to sell your items for cash prevents Waste at landfills, and in turn provides a service for those less fortunate. Everybody wins and you even get paid for it!


How Long does it take for me to get my cash…?

Park outside 1 min

Drop you clothes 30 Sec

We weigh your clothes 30 sec

Total wait time for Cash 2mins!

Why don’t you do collections…?

We dont do collections because it would mean the costs to the business would go up. That means we would not be able to give you as much money for the items.

After all, wouldn’t you prefer the money rather than anyone else. Dont Forget we are not like the other shops in the area were they leave you waiting for 10 to 20 minutes without any parking outside. Our promise to you is that within 2 mins you will have you Cash.

Our shop

We have ample free parking outside the shop so you can drop your clothes and collect your cash on the day .