Cash For Clothes

We all have an outfit, shoes, suit, coat or clothes we never wear anymore. Lets face it, it clogs up the wardrobe and is never going to be used again. The likelihood is it is out of fashion and needs be thrown away. But for some reason we choose to hang on to it. Maybe its because we have paid good money for the item and refuse to throw good money away. If this is true for you then Cash 4 Clothes Widnes can help you. We will pay you cash on the day for your unwanted clothing items.

Perhaps have an interview lined up and your old clothes just aren’t up to it. Why don’t you cash in your old clothes by selling them to us. This could be the difference in getting your dream job or not. By visiting us today you will be able to afford the perfect outfit because you will walk out with the cash you need. Just bring us enough old clothing and you are only a step away from that new salary.

So what we do…

We take new, used, and unwanted clothing items and shoes from people who no longer need or want them, sending them on to countries throughout the world who are less fortunate and really need to have access to cheap clothing. Rather than ending up in a landfill, you can be sure that your items will used again by somebody who needs them. Call in to our cash 4 clothes depot on Albert road Widnes today. You can park for free, drop your clothes and collect your cash!