Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the items have to be clean and ironed?2017-09-13T11:33:05+00:00

All items must be clean in a reusable condition, but it is not necessary to iron them before putting into the bags.

Can you return my bags?2017-09-13T11:32:49+00:00

You can get your bags back if you are  at one of our branches.

Can I get a better price if my clothing is brand new or it is designer clothes?2017-09-13T11:32:37+00:00

Sorry, we do not give separate prices.

What price do you pay for my second hand textiles?2017-09-13T11:32:11+00:00

The rate you get is indicated on your leaflet or other advertising material you should have received.

Can I leave my bags outside?2017-09-13T11:31:55+00:00

We ask you not

Do I need to separate, shoes, clothes, men’s clothes, women’s clothes etc2017-09-13T11:31:33+00:00

No, Just bring them in a bag and Cash for clothes Widnes will do the rest.

Do you take work uniforms2017-09-13T11:31:04+00:00

Only if they do not have company logos on them

Do you take school uniforms2017-09-13T11:30:47+00:00

We will take uniforms only if there are no logos on the item

Do I need to wash my clothes first2017-09-13T11:34:30+00:00

We will not accept dirty, soiled, or stained clothes

Do You accept underwear?2017-09-13T11:34:34+00:00

No we do not accept underwear or socks

Do you accept used perfumes and cosmetics?2017-09-13T11:29:57+00:00

We do not accept these items.  Just clothes, shoes etc.

Do Cash for Clothes collect items?2017-09-13T11:29:43+00:00

No, but we do have ample free parking outside our clothes depot. Just collect your Cash 4 clothes

Is Cash 4 Clothes Widnes a Charity?2017-09-13T11:28:34+00:00

Cash 4 Clothes Widnes is not a charity.

What do you do with the clothes?2017-09-13T11:28:13+00:00

Most items are  sold to the third world countries. Mostly in Eastern Europe, it can also be countries in Africa or Asia.